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Witting Family Research


... to the Witting family research site.

This site is a contribution to support the research of families with the surname Witting. Some general Informations about the name, as meaning or origin, are presented. This site also includes information about family crests which are connected to the name. In addition to this, different families are displayed. Finding connections between the families or a common origin, is one aim of this site. So your request is needed: If you have additional information about the displayed families or information about a new one, please feel free to sent a mail to me.


Something about the author


From where comes the name WITTING?

Family crest

Lüchow (1595 - present)
A family from Lüchow, northern Germany with descendants in Germany, Italy, USA, Chile and Costa Rica.

Stockholm-Danzig (Sweden/Germany 166.. - ....)

Geseke (Germany 16.. - ....)
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Marie Ippolito (USA and Canada with german origin)

Wolf von Witting (Riga, Latvia)

Tom Bais (Witting in the Netherlands)

Ko Witting (Witting in the Netherlands)

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