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by Karl Witting

The name Witting is supposed to be a so called patronymic, that is indicating descendants of a person with the name Witte, Hvit(e), Wit(t)a or the like.
Also, and probably more commonly, an original nickname for "the white one".
This explanation is found in P H Reaney´s Dictionary of British Surnames with examples from the early middle ages, in Dijkstra’s Friesch Woerdenboek and in A Bach’s Deutsche Namenskunde I "Die deutschen Personennamen".
Following the last book, the name WITTING is a typical example for a patronymic name.

A different kind of origin and of much younger date is offered by place names such as Wittingen (Lower Saxony, Germany) and Vittinge (Uppland, Sweden).
Wittingen is mentioned as an arch deaconry in 1235 and Vittinge found the first time in an original manuscript 1314 (spelt Hwitunge).
With all probability many Wittings have their name from these two places.

A somewhat more speculative explanation is to connect the name with the Teutonic Order and a class of Prussian people, at the end of the 13th century, that was called "Witinge".

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