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A family from Lüchow, northern Germany known since the year 1595 and still alive today. With descendants in Germany, Italy, USA, Chile and Costa Rica.
Researched 1999-2010 by Carsten Witting, Hilden, Germany in collaboration with Karl Witting, Lund, Sweden.


The oldest certain member of this family is Joachim Witting (about 1595 - 1662). He can be traced back till the year 1650. He was burgher, brewer and smith in the northern german town Lüchow since that time. It's a fact that he was not born in Lüchow or surroundings. Sometimes during the Thirty years' war (1618-48) he came frome elsewhere to Lüchow and stayed. His genealogical background is uncertain - it is said that his hometown was Rostock. Today we know, that many people with the name Witting lived in Rostock in the period between the years 1280 and 1628. Around the year 1600 - at the time of Joachim's birth - lived in Rostock:

  1. Joachim Witting († 1609) of the Witting-family from Riga, Livonia. 1601 burgher in Rostock, married 1584 to N. N. Welling († 1601). They had a son Joachim, who was born 1589-1601, see Harald Hornborg's essay "Witting" (1927) for details. Fortune after his father's death is unknown, so he could well be identical with Joachim Witting of the Lüchow family.

  2. Laurentz (Laurentius) Witting (1580-1652), first-named Joachim's nephew. 1601 student at Rostock University, later in his life pastor in Groß Gievitz (Mecklenburg). Probable he was too young of age be considered to have been Joachim's father.

  3. Joachim Witting († 1628), brewer, married 1592 to Katharina von Ahnen. There is no "Joachim" under their known children. But not all of their children are known by name so far.

Considerations above seems to point out the first-named person to be Joachim's father - but at this point it's merely speculation. Hopefully, future research will tell us more about the origin of the Witting family from Lüchow.

Joachim Witting of Lüchow had three sons and two daughters. Both daughters were married to pastors. Two of his sons, Christian and Joachim jr (a merchant, who has come into conflict with law in the year 1661, when he was accused of faking documents) have had no known descendants. But the third son, Friedrich Witting along with his wife Ursula Jakobi from Russia continued the family line.

Friedrich Witting (about 1625 - ...), like his father burgher, brewer and smith in Lüchow, had 6 daughters and four sons. One son, Joachim Friedrich Witting (1657 - 1717) extended the line of Lüchow burghers well until it probable extincts at 20th centuries beginning. A g-grandson of Joachim Friedrich settled 1777 in the USA and founded a new line there.

Friedrichs oldest son, Heinrich Nikolaus Witting (1654 - 1694) is the head of a well educated part of the family. His line comprises - among others - pastors, pharmacists and doctors of medicine. Heinrich Nikolaus Witting became "Konrektor" in Bockenem, Lower Saxony. Around 1690 he moved to Hildesheim, which is probably where he also died.

Heinrich Nikolaus' first son Hermann Joachim Witting (1682 - 1749) also served the church. He became a pastor as did all three of his sons. This clerical tradition was keep alive for several generations; we find Wittings as preachers and pastors well into the mid-1900th century. Perhaps the most renowned among them were the pastor in Einbeck Johann Carl Friedrich Witting (1760 - 1824). Apart from being a pastor he was also an author of several books. He wrote to the University of Heidelberg in 1797 asking to be granted the title Doctor of Divinity, but was denied it - in spite of being considered most worthy of the title - the reason being: he was a Lutheran.

Heinrich Nikolaus' second son Jakob Wilhelm Witting (1684 - 1730) became pharmacist in Frankfurt am Main. His g-grandson Theodor Wilhelm (alias Teodoro Guglielmo) Witting moved in the early 1800's to Naples in Italy and became an artist.

Heinrich Nikolaus' third son, in all probability, was the corporal Martin Witting (1690 - 1763). A grandson of him was the royal architect in Hanover, Diedrich Christian Ludwig Witting (1759 - 1837).

All three family branches are still alive to the present day.

Hilden in February 2010, Carsten Witting


Genealogical tables

# 1 First Generations - from Joachim (1595 - 1662) to Heinrich Nikolaus (1654 - 1694)

# 2 Lüchow burghers line - from Joachim Friedrich (1657 - 1717) to Friedrich Heinrich Ernst (1864 - ...)

# 3 Hermann Joachim's branch - from Hermann Joachim (1682 - 1749) on

# 4 Jakob Wilhelm's branch - from Jakob Wilhelm (1684 -1730) on

# 5 Martin's branch - from Martin (1690 -1763) on

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